Clean Ammonia

Marine Fuel

Clean fuels (ammonia and/or methanol) are expected to meet 30% of marine fuel demand to meet IMO low-GHG emission targets. Current IMO GHG emission targets could be modified to reach net-zero by 2050.

Market Size: >150 MTPA by 2050 (or 500 MTPA by 2050 if IMO targets change)

Power Generation

Clean ammonia can be combusted to generate electricity. In addition, green ammonia can be blended with coal to reduce the emissions of existing coal-fired power plants. 

Market Size: >100 MTPA by 2050


Clean ammonia can displace conventionally produced ammonia industrial products (80% fertilizers) that generate 1.4% of global CO2 emissions.

Market Size: >250 MTPA by 2050