Texas Green Fuels Executes Agreement with Calpine Energy Solutions to Power Clean Fuels Export Complex

Houston, Texas, April 11, 2023 – Texas Green Fuels LLC (TGF), a leading developer of sustainable fuels, and Calpine Energy Solutions, LLC (Calpine Solutions), a major energy supplier in North America, have signed an electricity supply agreement with advisory services related to physical renewable energy. This agreement is the first step in enabling TGF’s procurement and certification of newly developed renewable wind and solar electricity to power TGF’s planned Clean Fuels Export Complex (TGF Export Complex) in Galveston Bay, Texas.

The proposed TGF Export Complex will produce industrial-scale, cost-effective, and sustainable fuels such as clean ammonia, hydrogen, and methanol, and is expected to become one of the world’s lowest-cost producers of clean fuels. This is supported by Texas’ abundance of low-cost renewable energy, competitive workforce, developed infrastructure, and federal incentives.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Calpine Energy Solutions as our electricity supplier and to leverage Calpine’s expertise with respect to future renewable electricity procurement for Texas Green Fuel’s Galveston Bay Export Complex,” said David Glessner, Founder & Co-CEO of TGF. “We believe this agreement will enable us to achieve our mission of producing clean fuels that mitigate the adverse impacts of climate change and accelerate the transition to net-zero emissions.”

Calpine Solutions will assist TGF in developing a roadmap for implementing TGF’s renewable electricity procurement objectives. TGF plans to procure newly developed renewable electricity and implement a robust measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) program to certify TGF’s green energy credentials. Sean Fallmer, President of Calpine Solutions, said, “We are proud to collaborate with Texas Green Fuels on their initiative. We believe our expertise in advising on renewable energy strategy, procurement, and reporting will assist TGF in realizing its vision of producing sustainable fuels using renewable electricity.”

“As a company committed to supporting global net-zero objectives, Texas Green Fuels is leveraging Texas’ renewable energy leadership to produce cost-effective and sustainable fuels. Our Galveston Bay export complex will help reduce carbon emissions across multiple industries and contribute to a more sustainable future,” said Langtry Meyer, Founder & Co-CEO of TGF.

The TGF Export Complex aims to reduce carbon emissions in industries such as marine shipping, power generation, and fertilizer. The final investment decision is expected in 2025, with commercial operations commencing in 2028.


About Texas Green Fuels

Texas Green Fuels (TGF) is a clean energy company that is committed to supporting global net-zero objectives by producing sustainable, cost-effective, and industrial-scale clean fuels such as clean ammonia, hydrogen, and methanol. TGF’s export complex in Galveston Bay, Texas, utilizes the state’s abundant low-cost renewable energy, developed infrastructure, and skilled workforce to become one of the world’s lowest-cost producers of clean fuels. For further information: www.txgreenfuels.com


About Calpine Energy Solutions

Calpine Energy Solutions, LLC is a licensed retail energy provider in every deregulated state and is one of the largest energy suppliers in North America by volume. Most of our clients are large commercial or industrial entities that view the management of energy and carbon as an important strategic initiative and seek to leverage our expertise in data management, risk management and renewable energy. Calpine Energy Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of Calpine Corporation, America’s largest generator of electricity from natural gas and geothermal resources with operations in competitive power markets. For further information:  www.calpinesolutions.com


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