Powering a Net Zero World

Texas Green Fuels LLC, headquartered in Houston, Texas, supports global net zero goals by developing projects that convert the world’s abundant, low-cost renewable electricity into sustainable fuels such as clean ammonia, hydrogen, and methanol. These clean fuels are sustainably produced using renewable electricity for all electricity requirements. Utilizing these clean fuels will reduce global carbon emissions and mitigate climate change.

Seventy-five countries have set net zero ambitions, and more than thirty have hydrogen-specific strategies to achieve climate goals. Texas Green Fuels will utilize commercially proven and scalable technologies to produce world-scale volumes of sustainable fuels such as clean ammonia, hydrogen, and methanol for domestic consumption and export.

Environmental Benefits

As the world transitions to net zero fuels, demand for clean fuels is expected to grow exponentially. Sustainable fuels such as clean ammonia, hydrogen, and methanol are net zero across their production and consumption lifecycles.

These clean fuels can decarbonize major greenhouse gas-generating industries by providing a net zero replacement for sectors including power generation, marine fuels, fertilizers, and other industrial applications. These clean fuels will enable the decarbonization of industries for which using renewable electricity directly is not practical.

Low-Cost, Reliable, Stable & Net Zero Certified Supply

Offtakers committed to using clean fuels require a low-cost, reliable, and stable supply. In addition, offtakers need to have assurances that the clean fuels they procure are, in fact, sustainable. Texas Green Fuels will meet global certifying and disclosure organizations’ measure, report, and verify (“MRV”) requirements for the clean fuels it produces.

Texas Green Fuels expects to become one of the world’s lowest-cost producers of clean fuels given Texas’ abundant, low-cost renewable energy, developed infrastructure, and competitive, skilled workforce. The existing Texas infrastructure and talent base drives a lower capital expenditure to construct industrial plants relative to other countries. Texas currently has some of the lowest-cost renewable energy prices in the USA and the world, with 23,700 MW of new wind generation capacity and 91,000 MW of new solar generation capacity under development.