Transforming Galveston Bay into a
Global Clean Fuels Export Capital

Galveston Bay has served as the energy capital of the USA for decades. As the carbon-intensive energy infrastructure downsizes over the coming decades, Texas Green Fuels will build upon the strong energy culture in Galveston Bay to seamlessly offer the sustainable fuels of the future: clean ammonia, hydrogen, and methanol.

Texas Green Fuels supports the US Department of Energy’s objective to create Hydrogen Regional Hubs and strategically supply hydrogen to the southeast Texas region. We provided the Department of Energy input on viable deployment projects that enable clean hydrogen production, infrastructure, and end-uses to reduce emissions, create jobs, and allow a net-zero carbon emissions economy by 2050.

Phase 1 of the Texas Green Fuels’ Galveston Bay Clean Fuels Export Complex represents over $ 1 billion in investment. It is expected to generate 1000 construction jobs and 40 full-time family-wage operations jobs.

Texas Green Fuels’ significant infrastructure development will enlarge the local property tax base, thus contributing to expanding the local economy. After the initial phase 1 development phase, there is potential to expand capacity, generating more significant positive economic and environmental benefits.


> $ 1 billion

Construction Jobs


Operations Jobs