Galveston bay
clean fuels
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Galveston Bay

Strategic Location

Galveston Bay is in the heart of one of the world’s most important shipping hubs. Texas Green Fuels’ clean fuels export complex will be located in a major deepwater port within Galveston Bay, United States. Galveston Bay has been the energy capital of the USA for decades and is home to numerous petrochemical complexes.

Phased Development

Texas Green Fuels will construct, own, and operate an industrial-scale clean fuels export complex, sited in Galveston Bay, Texas. The facility’s initial capacity and portfolio of clean fuels will be expanded as the market for net zero fuels expands. The complex will include a deepwater dock with a draft of 46 feet (14 meters), capable of loading Very Large Gas Carriers (“VLGCs”) with a length overall (“LOA”) up to 1132 feet (345 meters).

The Final Investment Decision and construction commencement for the first phase are expected in 2025, with the first production of clean fuels commencing in 2028.

Strong Project Fundamentals

Low-Cost Producer

Texas Green Fuels expects to become one of the world's lowest-cost producers of clean fuels given Texas' abundant low-cost renewable energy, developed infrastructure, competitive, skilled workforce, and lower cost to construct industrial plants relative to other parts of the world.

Deepwater Super-Sized Dock

Texas Green Fuels' dock will accommodate Very Large Gas Carriers ("VLGCs") with a length overall ("LOA") up to 1132 feet (345 meters). The dock will have a draft greater than 46 feet (14 meters). In consultation with shipbuilders and charterers, Texas Green Fuels will be designed to berth the future fleet of very large gas carriers, increasing global shipping economies of scale. The dock will also be modified to load barges that will provide bunkering of clean fuels such as ammonia and methanol to ships at ports located in Galveston Bay and across the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean.

Abundant Low-Cost
Renewable Energy

Texas currently has some of the lowest-cost renewable energy prices in the USA and the world, with 23,700 MW of new wind generation capacity and 91,000 MW of new solar generation capacity under development. In 2020, Texas wind and solar accounted for 25% of electricity produced and 38% of installed generation capacity. Texas Green Fuels will contract with established renewable electricity developers for new renewable electricity supply to satisfy TGF’s electricity demand.

Low Capital Costs

The US Gulf Coast has much lower industrial construction costs than other parts of the country and the world.

Competitive & Skilled Labor

The US Gulf Coast has an abundant supply of skilled labor required to construct and operate energy export plants. Galveston Bay, a center of the US petroleum industry, has the necessary infrastructure and is well suited to site Texas Green Fuels clean fuels export complex.

Ample Water Source

Abundant water resources from the Brazos River basin provide the project with a sufficient and reliable water supply required for electrolysis to produce green hydrogen.

Proven & Scalable

Texas Green Fuels will employ proven and scalable technologies to produce cost-competitive volumes that will propel sustainable fuels such as clean ammonia, hydrogen, and methanol into globally traded commodity asset classes. The promising advancements in Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology suggest that with continued investment and progress, it has the potential to become a practical and effective tool for reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide levels in the near future.

Existing Hydrogen Supporting Infrastructure

A network of hydrogen pipelines exists across Galveston Bay which can supply hydrogen to consumers. In addition, there are many salt caverns within the Galveston Bay area, which are well suited for large-scale storage of hydrogen.